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Nurol Technologies Inc.

Ogulbey mahallesi , ogulbey kume evleri
Booth Number: 1760
+90312615 5511

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This exhibitor shows the following products:

Armour Composite Materials
Body Protection
Personnel Protection
Police Equipment & Systems
Safety Equipment & Systems

Company Profile

Nurol Teknoloji is one of the Nurol Holding Group of Companies established in 2008 to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics. Since the day it was established, it has prioritized research and development, and has made significant progress in product development studies even by developing and producing the high temperature sinter furnaces required for production infrastructure. In the past years, it has continued the journey it started with advanced technique ceramics, together with ballistic solutions. Nurol Teknoloji produces advanced technology ballistic ceramics and hybrid ballistic protective armor solutions that are needed by all friendly and allied countries in the world.